About Us

Empowered Kiwis are a community of inspired Kiwis who are looking for an improved and purposeful Life. We do this by empowering members to pursue their passion and help them monetise that passion into a home business opportunity.

We add value by providing the right environment to enable members to achieve their full potential.

We assist with 3 of the 4 Pillars to a Purposeful Life

  • Work
  • Relationship
  • Health
  • Spiritual (Your Personal Journey)
Empowered Kiwis
Empowered Kiwis

We believe everyone has limitless potential. Our mission is to be the catalyst that leads to personal growth and fulfilment through meaningful experiences with inspiring individuals,

Empowered Kiwis provides the vehicle for a lifelong supply of new friendships, opportunities, and ideas.

Our vision is to build a meaningful community across New Zealand, and unite everyone who is passionate about being part of something bigger than themselves. As our community grows Leaders will emerge to set up satellite communities within every town in New Zealand

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Here’s to YOU owning your own life!

Des Morgan
National Coordinator
Email: info@empoweredkiwis.co.nz
Phone: 021-303723
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/empoweredkiwis/



Des Morgan is a Internet & Network Marketing Professional based in New Zealand. A financial planner by profession Des spent 30 years in the financial services industry both in management and running his own business Endeavour Financial Services Ltd 

In 2010 Des read the best selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki which alerted him to the existence of the Direct Sales / Network Marketing Profession. Des had been fortunate to build a comfortable passive income from his life insurance business but realised he was positioned in Robert Kiyosaki’s “S” quadrant i.e. A Solo Act with no team to count on.

If he got sick or had an accident his passive income and future lifestyle could be put in jeopardy as it solely relied on his own efforts.

Des immediately feel in love with the Internet / Network marketing concept of building a passive income which would come in whether he worked or not and which would provide the freedom he desperately desired. He immediately went to work initially Part Time then full time in 2014.

His website is http://ownyourownlife.com