Get Paid For Your Recommendations

Get Paid For Your Recommendations

Are you getting paid for your recommendations?

When was the last time you recommended a good movie, restaurant or holiday?  

Have you ever responded to a post on Facebook starting with “can anyone recommend something for my … “?  

We all recommend products and services every day to people, we just don’t necessarily get paid for it.

From New Shoes , New Car , Great Fitness centre , Great Hair Dresser, Great Beautician , Great Shampoo, Great Makeup , Great Skin Care ,The best house cleaner, Best Mortgage Broker, Best Yoga Centre, ….. the list goes on and on

Humans are a nation of recommenders. Company’s know this. – Many companies’ are now offering rewards if you “refer a friend”.  They do this because they know people are far more likely to buy on a genuine recommendation than on a magazine or TV advert.

Get Paid For Your Recommendations – Start Your Own Part Time Online Business

Social Marketing gives everyone the ability to grow an online business. You can leverage the business opportunity online and use social media and apps to earn an additional income stream.

In the Gig Economy its possible to have fun, flexibly, freedom and the potential to earn an additional $200 to $1,500 per month without it ever disturbing your Day job or current Lifestyle

Direct Sales /Network Marketing

There is so much confusion surrounding Direct Selling/ Network Marketing but due to the influence of Social Media, it is now more acceptable and increasingly it is being referred to as Social Marketing.  

Some of the questions that are often asked when people are evaluating whether running a Social Marketing business are –

  • Is it a pyramid scheme?
  • Do you have to sell things to your friends and family?
  • Do you do parties?

Then people often share that –

  •  “I’m not a salesperson”
  • “I don’t want to be pushy”
  • “What will people think of me”

These thoughts are very common as there are so many myths and fallacies out there about Direct Sales/ Network Marketing.

We cover these concerns in a seperate article which you can read HERE.

What is Social Marketing?

So, what is Social Marketing?   It’s simply a distribution method.  Instead of products being sold in shops which is the “Traditional Retail” distribution you sell directly to the customer cutting out the middleman.

To survive traditional retail need high mark ups over the wholesale price as they have to factor in all of the costs of running the store, including rent, utilities, salaries, packaging, marketing, advertising and taxes. .

In most cases these costs far exceed the actual cost of the ingredients in the product or service.

Leverage the power of online distribution

Social Marketing is different in that it leverages the power of online distribution. Products move directly from the company’s manufacturer, via the internet to the end consumer. 

This is done through the recommendation of a Distributor (YOU) sometimes referred to as a Brand Ambassador or influencer.

You are essentially cutting out the middlemen which can often mean you have a better-quality product for a lower price point.

Anyone can build an online business Part Time

Social Marketing gives anyone the ability to grow an online business. You can leverage the power of the internet and use social media to earn an additional income stream. You can work this business around what you are currently doing.

Its all about conversations – no hard sell!

As you go about living your day to day life and communicating with people as you have done in the past you weave into the conversations the product or service you are passionate about.

The Key here is to pick a product or service that you use and you’re genuinely passionate about.

Offering genuine value to people eliminates the feeling of a “hard sell”.  No one likes to be sold to!

Any engagements online should be in a very natural way i.e. like sharing your experiences with the product and why you like/ recommend the product and/ or the additional income this business opportunity has provided you.

All you are suggesting is that it maybe worthwhile for them to “Take A Look”.

Send them some information and let them decide if it is right for them. If they like what they see and decide to purchase your product or service You Get Paid!

We have the Ultimate Part-Time Gig providing Fun, Flexibility, Freedom and Rewards.

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