Network Marketing Myths

Network Marketing Myths

The following article dispels some of the Network Marketing Myths and looks at the Facts.

Let’s be clear Network Marketing is not for everyone but it’s important that you know the facts so you can make an informed decision.

The Network Marketing Model is A Pyramid Scheme

Network Marketing companies are NOT Pyramid Schemes. In Network Marketing (sometimes referred to as MLM), participants earn commission from selling real products, whereas pyramid selling is earning money solely or primarily by introducing other people into the scheme.

The aim of a Network Marketer is to start earning what is known in the industry as “residual income”(see definition below).

Residual income is earned from customers you introduce to the product and other people who join your team, meaning that you receive a portion of the profit those below you make from selling product to their contacts

While this system may sound rather triangular, (so is any corporate structure) Network Marketing is legal and seen as distinct from a pyramid scheme.

You Have To Buy Lots Of Product and You End Up with a Garage full Of Stock You Can’t Sell!

Nothing is further from the truth. The only product you hold will be for your personal consumption. In Todays world your customers order off your own personal website and the product is delivered direct to the customer

Network Marketers are Cult Like

This observation came from the Days of the Large Company Convention where there was a lot of RA Ra , foot stomping and Motivational Talks by extrovert Leaders.

In the Gig economy those Days have gone replaced by a cell phone and a app where you can get all the training you want and run your business from that app when you want , where you want all based around your lifestyle.

Most People Don’t Make Any Money In Network Marketing

Welcome to the real world. For a multitude of reasons (too many to list here) people fail in their own Business. Running your own business is hard work and you can’t expect to be an overnight success. It takes perseverance and Time.

Do your own research on Google and you’ll see most businesses fail – this is not unique to Network Marketers.

You Have To UseYour Friends and Family to Make Any Money In Network Marketing

The truth is you do not, and you should not. Your friends and family should only be part of your business if it serves them to do so. They love the product and like you see an opportunity to supplement their income.

In this new era with social media you can share you product/ or business opportunity with like minded people who are looking for an opportunity anywhere in the world.

You Have to Recruit And Build A Team Of Business Builders

You Don’t – As you are paid on products sold – for sure you will earn substantially more by building a Team of Business Builders who are also out there sharing the Business Opportunity and showing the product but for many they are happy just to build their business solely through customers who are willing to tell their story to others and potentially gather some customers of their own.

Why Network Marketing , Why You , Why Now

Why Network Marketing – The reasons are succinctly summed up here by Network Marketing legend Richard Bliss Brooke who is a real ambassador for our profession and tells it how it is No B.S.

The Question You need To Ask Yourself Is – Where else can you invest as little as $500 to $1,000 and have the potential to build up a *residual income” of $1,000 to $2,000 per month over 4 to 5 years and get paid for the rest of your life?


I Still Think It’s A Pyramid Scheme

Hopefully we have dispelled some of the network Marketing Myths out there? If you still think Network Marketing is a pyramid scheme then this business is clearly not for you

Residual Income

Residual income in Network Marketing is passive income that comes in every month whether you show up or not. It’s when you no longer get paid on your personal efforts alone, but you get paid on the efforts of hundreds or even thousands of others in the team you built!

It’s the key to achieving financial and time freedom.

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